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Marc burst onto the music scene during the 1990s, right after ​winning first prize in the singer-songwriter category of the Exit ​contest, organized by Catalonia's National Television and ​Radio. After releasing two albums in Catalan with the Picap ​record label, he traveled to Havana, where for two months he ​immersed himself in the music sessions of Cuban singer-​songwriters such as Heidi Igualada, Marta Campos, Pedro Luis ​Ferrer, among others.

His musical experiences with Cuban singer-songwriters ​inspired him to start composing songs in Spanish. While ​searching for a producer, Marc accepted an invitation to travel ​to Miami to develop his project. He worked with music ​producer Rodolfo Castillo, also collaborating on writing songs ​for international artists such as Chayanne ("Cuidarte el alma") ​and Tamara ("Perfecto").

The simplicity and clarity of Marc's song lyrics allow us to ​connect our inner selves to a state of reconnection with our ​environment, nature, family, and the people around us. His ​messages, which are clearly reflective, help us progress in the ​pursuit of our individual and collective humanity.

Some of Marc's songs and compositions have received awards ​such as the BMI Latin Award, Telemundo Composer of the ​Year, a Latin Grammy nomination, reaching number 1 on ​Billboard's Hot Latin Tracks, and a special nomination at the ​Malaga International Film Festival for the music of the film 'La ​Noche Que Murió Elvis' (The Night Elvis Died).

The music for the film 'La última noche de Sandra M' is Marc's ​most recent work as sondtrack composer. This soundtrack ​accompanies a story set in 1977. Sandra, aged 18, is an actress in ​Spain during the transition period, a time when being young and ​beautiful inevitably pigeonholes you into acting in what's known ​as "destape" cinema—films focused on revealing or provocative ​content. However, Sandra aspires to be a serious and respected ​actress, knowing she faces a tough road ahead. During a hot ​August afternoon, alone and distressed by an unwanted ​pregnancy, she tries to decide her future, torn between ​improbable travel plans and her aspirations to become a great ​actress.

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