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New releases: 2 singles to promote 2 albums.
Concerts in Barcelona on November the 16th and 17th.

Promise Me by Marc Durandeau
Stars on Blue by E-Motion

Marc is a Catalan Singer-Songwriter settled in Magdeburg with 6 albums released. A Documentary and films soundtrack music composer. A Billboard No. 1 Latin Hot Tracks 2005. BMI Awards and Telemundo Composer of the Year for the song ‘Cuidarte el alma‘ performed by Chayanne. Marc is a Solo Artist and the formal singer and co-composer of the Paneuropean Music Band Elements in Motion also written «E-Motion».

Download single from Solo Artist   Promise Me
Download Single from the Band Elements in Motion  Stars on Blue (neue Single) by e-Motion

«E-Motion», Elements in Motion is a meeting between Switzerland and Catalonia. A sound that captures the musical influences that its composers have acquired during their travels and experiences in different countries. His melodies move in a varied aesthetic, from Pop Folk, Celtic, Gypsy, to genres from North and South America. Their musical diversity allows them to use several languages. They call their concept The Pan-European Music because their messages to the Continental Europe. The Europe of the Peoples and their values of coexistence. Songs like La danse, Europe in Motion or Stars on Blue are an example of this. Review a press article here.

Record Release Concert in Barcelona:
November 16 and 17 of 2018 – Medi and Cinemes Girona de Barcelona

E-Motion are:
Marc Durandeau: voice and guitar
Daniel Thürler: accordion
Alex Miralles: guitar and choirs
Alfred Mosimann: bass
Michu: Sound Technician

Thank you for reviewing our music Projects. We would be very happy to arrange an interview or a live performance at your convenience.

Contact: Email:     Tel. BCN +34 6204 80847    –    Tel. MD  +44 015255790076

  1. 01 La danse e-Motion 4:32
  2. 02 Europe in Motion e-Motion 4:45
  3. 03 Dublin Fly e-Motion 2:40
  4. 04 Stars On Blue e-Motion 4:26
  5. 05 Quiero un cambio e-Motion 4:52
  6. 06 Musicien Dreams e-Motion 3:48
  7. 07 Dormir seul e-Motion 3:50
  8. 08 Corazón de loco e-Motion 4:56
  9. 09 Mississippi Farmer e-Motion 2:47
  10. 10 Dona e-Motion 5:37
  11. 11 The Way I Am e-Motion 4:58