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(Vals d’Eva)

I grew up in Esparreguera, a town near Barcelona. When I was 12 our grandfather gave his piano to my sister. That evening I managed to stay alone with the ‘new’ gorgeous instrument and began to draw melodies. The next day I remembered them. That’s how everything started. I spent a couple of years composing instrumental pieces, such as the Eva Waltz, or The Way I Am. Later I used my brother’s guitar to write songs.


(Caigut del setè cel)

At 18 I participated in a TV3 contest called ‘Success’. I won the first prize as Singer-Songwriter’. Later I recorded two albums in Catalan, the first of them in Palma de Mallorca with producer to Joan Bibiloni.



The first time I left Europe in 1998 it was to discover Cuba.
I enjoyed the ‘descargas’ with Heidi Igualada, from the live show with Marta Campos at Morro Cabaña or the recitals with Vicente Feliu at the National Library. Also having shared some musical afternoons with Pedro Luis Ferrer or Barbarito Torres … all in all a gift from the Universe. One of my projects then was born in Cuba: MADURO


(Como cada noche)

During almost two years I developed with Alberto Cabello, in Barcelona, several Latin-Pop songs that awakened the interest of Ocean Blue Studios, Miami. I accepted the invitation to continue developing this project in the U.S.


(Como cada noche)

                  I lived in the United States for several years writing songs for the publishers Talent Beach Music and Universal Music Publishing, so in Miami I developed my own artist project and composed for others.


I also lived a few years in California to move on to a new project. A concept far from Maduro: the Pan European Music: (artistic expression that reflects linguistic and musical diversity as a result of a natural approach between European Peoples). A L.A. the project ELEMENTS starts


When I returned to Europe I lived in Luxembourg, Barcelona, the Catalan Pyrenees and France. During this time I kept writing music for TV and film and producing other artists. In Barcelona I have worked and I continue so in different academic centers and institutes offering workshops for creative development. I also have my own academy project: Early Bird Academy / Cant Creatiu de Barcelona.