Ca   De   Es


Vals d’Eva

I grew up in Esparreguera, a town near Barcelona. At twelve years old, my grandfather gave his piano to my sister. That night, I managed to stay a moment alone with the ‘new’ instrument and began to draw melodies in it. The next day I remembered them. That’s how it all started. I spent about three or four years composing nonstop, the Vals d’Eva, or The Way I Am. Later I started using my brother’s guitar to write songs. I could say then that the cause of my musical career were my brothers.


Caigut del setè cel

At 18 years old I participated in a contest of the Catalan Television TV3 called ‘Exit’. I won the first prize in the Singer-Songwriter section. Later I recorded two albums with Picap, a Catalan Record Company. The first record T’espero a casa we made it in Palma de Mallorca with the producer Joan Bibiloni, the second, Caminant delscalç, with the guitarist and producer Jordi Armengol.


Un día en La Habana

The first time I left Europe was to visit Cuba in 1998.
In Havana I discovered the ‘descargas’ with Heidi Igualada, Sang live sharing stage with Marta Campos in Morro Cabaña, and participated with Vicente Feliu in the events organized by the National Library. The hours were shortened when these were musically spend and shared with Pedro Luis Ferrer or Barbarito Torres … all together it was a gift from the Universe. Then in Cuba, the Latin-Jazzy-Pop project Maduro was born.


Hoy te quiero mucho más

For almost two years I developed in Barcelona together with Alberto Cabello several Latin-Pop songs that aroused the interest of Ocean Blue Studios in Miami which became a formal invitation to finish the project in the USA.


Como cada noche

I lived in the United States over six years. I wrote songs for Talent Beach Music and Universal Music Publishing Group in one of these cases it was for Chayanne co-writing the song Cuidarte el alma, which soon after climbed to the top of the charts in several countries including the USA. For three weeks it remained num. 1 in the Hot Latin Tracks in Billboard. Later came the BMI Award and Telemundo Composer of the Year awards.



I lived several years in California to advance in a concept that differed from Maduro, the Pan-European music an artistic expression that reflects the linguistic and musical diversity resulting from a natural approach of the European Peoples. My desire to define a sound led me into editing an EP using the stage name Cyan through my own record label MDR Music


Món natural

Since I returned to Europe I have lived in Luxembourg, France and Germany, while writing, arranging and producing songs for other artists as well as TV and cinema. I work in different Projects and bands like Elements in Motion, Maduro and The Pan European Music Project.