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Love    (Includes a fragment of the MHP Carles Puigdemont during the press conference of Oct. 31. 2017 in Brussels)

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I have written this song after many moments of reflection on what has happened and is happening in Catalonia and in Europe:

‹‹ I am in a social imaginary that helps me see and live the World in a certain way. My mother tongue is an important part of this handful of cultural elements that I use to learn and open my consciousness and my intuition towards life and the Universe. I consider an attack to the dignity, to the liberties and human rights in general, any type of imposition from any People to another one. The administration of each society should remain 100% vested in the will of the People in order to deploy their assets and social strategies based on a particular way of seeing the world.

The collective imaginary of Mother Earth will find its way into the Universe once it has acquired a human awareness capable of harmonizing all the assets of each People of the planet.

Imprisoning politicians for having endeavored to dignify the voice of its People is simply an attack on the whole of humanity ››

The money generated by the song Love is destined to the support of the Catalan political prisoners.


Promise Me        Now in iTunes

Promise Me Lyrics

This song is autobiographical and refers to an exceptional encounter that happened to me while doing the Camino de Santiago: a journey during which the mind expands, the stress of daily life disappears and the hearts find conversation. The intensity of this encounter made me recover the idea that I had been looking for for a long time. Life is like a map, and I ask myself if this ‘map’ was given to us before starting our path or if it is drawing while we’re walking on it?


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