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Are you chasing your dreams? Europe might be the best place to create them



I have written the song ‘Love’ to support freedom of speech and political prisoners in Catalonia. I have included the voice of Catalan President Mr. Carles Puigdemont since I consider his speech a clear message about European values

Interview   Lyrics

The money generated by the song Love
is destined to the support of the
Catalan political prisoners

Promise Me

This is an autobiographical song and refers to an exceptional encounter that happened during the Camino de Santiago, a journey where the mind expands, the stress of daily life disappears and the hearts find conversation. The intensity of it made me recall a question I have had for a long time: Is life a map given to us before starting the path or we drawn it as we walk?


Jordi Vericat BASS
(E-Motion, Always on My Mind, Promise Me)
Toni Mateos DRUMS
(E-Motion, Always on My Mind)
Miguel Ballester DRUMS
(Promise Me)
Marc Quintillà GUITARS
(Always on My Mind, E-Motion-Pattern Arrangement)
Joan Berenguer KEYBOARDS
Sara Rojo Alpiste VIOLIN
Peter Krivda CELLO
Pep Roig MASTERING (Temps Record)

Love (M&W: Durandeau)
E-Motion (M: Durandeau / W: Durandeau & Arnie Roman)
Promise Me (M&W: Durandeau)

Produced & Mixed at VadeVeus Produccions by Durandeau

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